IMG_1008.JPGThese are some simple tips to help if you are trying your own DIY. We don’t state the obvious but hope to make the job a bit easier.

• wedge the base of the old door, remove bottom hinge first.
• adjust the new door to fit the frame with 2mm gap at the top and both sides. Leave the bottom long to adjust to suit floor finishes. A 10p coin is a useful tool in your tool bag
• screw the hinges to the existing frame cut outs, nice and square. Then hold up the door and mark the hinge positions on the door.
• remove the hinges and fit them to the door. (One screw)
• present the door to the opening at 90° and wedge in place. Ensure nice and square and fit hinge to frame with a single screw.
• check the swing is true and fix the remaining screws to the hinges.
• fit handles and other furniture and Presto job done.

… or you could just call us as we are experts and will have your doors hung in no time.

Happy hanging.
The Build-It Team

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