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Build-It Building Services Ltd was established in 2013 and operates locally throughout West Lothian & Edinburgh, specialising in the home extension and domestic repair sector.

Working closely with our sister company Plan-It we provide a full Design and Build service to home owners who prefer a one stop professional service from start to finish. Our dedicated family team bring together a combined experience of over 30 years within the home extension industry. We offer a professional and guaranteed service, with technical expertise in building regulations, Health & Safety and the full construction process from plans to painting.

We dedicate ourselves to the domestic sector so you can be assured of our specialist expertise throughout your project.

If you would like to have a no obligation chat about your project be it a home extension, roof repair, landscaping, bathroom upgrade, kitchen replacement, conservatory or anything else around your home, then please get in touch.
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m. 07517 245 202

Bi Fold Doors

Bi folds

Bi folds can have a great effect

Bi Fold Doors are all the craze at the moment, they can open up your new room into your garden and combine the inside with the outside. This is a great feature to have in your home and the benefits are untold when the weather is good. They come in several options, aluminium or Upvc and a range of colours. They configure in several ways opening in or out, left or right and the lead door can vary to suit your room. They are not the only choice though to flood daylight into your room so if you would like to discuss your choices give us a call.

Build-It adds new Plumb-It division

Build-It have started up a new division called Plumb-It to help install all our bathrooms, kitchens, gas works and heating systems. Plumb-It will also be offering a general servicing and repair service for all makes of boilers.
We welcome Gordon our new Plumber who you will see on the road in his new van. Give him a wave and give us a call if we can help with any of your plumbing needs.


For all your plumbing needs


Extension to B listed house in Edinburgh

Mansard Roof:

Build-It recently complete a house extension in Edinburgh for Mr & Mrs Wheldon. Their house is B listed

Builders Edinburgh

Extension to B listed building in Edinburgh

which means attention to detail is watched even more closely than usual. The works included a full internal renovation of the kitchen, relocation of the bathroom to creat a new bedroom plus the introduction of a ground floor shower room. The extension created a small family room where the modest garden could be enjoyed in comfort.
The Architect designed a small mansard roof to compliment the Georgian style of the house.
The works were completed on time and on budget.
Mr and Mrs Wheldon are delighted with the finished work……and so are we.

Drains or Sewers

Many homes today are built with their own drainage systems. This means they have drains taking your rain water and your sewage through your own pipes out to the front street where they discharge into communal pipes.
Your drainage is know as “Drains” and the communal pipes are known as “Sewers”.
Drains are owned and maintained by you, whilst sewers are owned and maintained by the local authority.
Many homes built before 1960 were built with sewers in the back garden shared with your neighbours. If you need to build over a sewer you will need special permission and in some cases the sewer may need moved.
If you are not sure why not give Build-It a call.

Your drains, your responsibility

Know your drainage


IMG_1008.JPGThese are some simple tips to help if you are trying your own DIY. We don’t state the obvious but hope to make the job a bit easier.

• wedge the base of the old door, remove bottom hinge first.
• adjust the new door to fit the frame with 2mm gap at the top and both sides. Leave the bottom long to adjust to suit floor finishes. A 10p coin is a useful tool in your tool bag
• screw the hinges to the existing frame cut outs, nice and square. Then hold up the door and mark the hinge positions on the door.
• remove the hinges and fit them to the door. (One screw)
• present the door to the opening at 90° and wedge in place. Ensure nice and square and fit hinge to frame with a single screw.
• check the swing is true and fix the remaining screws to the hinges.
• fit handles and other furniture and Presto job done.

… or you could just call us as we are experts and will have your doors hung in no time.

Happy hanging.
The Build-It Team

Electric Garage Doors

Door replacement


Electric garage doors our speciality.

Here we have removed two single garage doors and structurally altered the opening to receive an electric double roller door.

Working with our electricians we arranged the garage to install the new door. The client added further electrics to charge their new electric car and are delighted with their new arrangement.

If we can help you with a similar project or any other alterations to your home please give is a call.

The Build-It Team


Hanging around for charity



Forth bridge 2013

This pic shows Colin raising funds for Charity by abseiling from the Forth Rail Bridge.

Build-It supports Onekind animal charity caring for the welfare of our animal friends all over the country. Colin raised over £200 and said “it was the thrill of his life and would do it again in a shot” well maybe next year.




New Flooring

New laminate flooring

New flooring

We can cheer up your home with new laminate flooring or solid hardwood if you prefer.

Remember bathrooms and kitchens need flooring that is moisture resistant and you will need a 10mm expansion gap at all your edges to allow for any expansion.

If you are overlaying on existing tongue and groove flooring you will need to plywood the floor first or ensure the new planks are placed at 90 degrees to the existing. If this sounds too complicated just leave it to us, we will take out all the fuss and leave you a lovely new floor.

Give us a call.